Best Ultimate Frisbee Book

Sometimes you just want to sit down by a warm fire with a cup of tea under a cozy blanket, and really dive into the intricacies and strategy of a vertical stack offense. If that sounds like a joy to you, or you are looking for an Ultimate Frisbee book, you are in the right place. I’ve researched some of the best Ultimate Frisbee books out there, and given you a quick review of them, so you can decide which book will be best for you.

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The Best Ultimate Frisbee Book

As of now, there aren’t a ton of Ultimate Frisbee books out there. However, I do think that the market is ripe for more, and I will be sure to add more as they come out! Here are the best Ultimate Frisbee books.

Ultimate Techniques & Tactics

I once got this book at a “New to You” party! If you are looking for an in-depth look at the strategy and tactics of high level Ultimate Frisbee, this book is for you! It has in depth discussion and diagrams about top level offensive strategy, defensive tactics, and different plays. As of now, this is somewhat of a “bible” of Ultimate Frisbee strategy.

There are two problems I found with this book. First, the book is a bit old. If you are looking at implementing cutting edge elite (think national level) strategy for this year or next, these ideas are a bit dated. However, for most other levels of play, it is still a solid resource. Second, this book is almost exclusively written for open (men’s) Ultimate. 

Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man

This book is a hilarious yet informative, tongue in cheek, and at times self-deprecating text that covers the history, basics, and commentary on Ultimate Frisbee. The book breaks Ultimate Frisbee down by a number of different categories, and reads easily as it leads you through a journey about the sport.

The book is certainly written with humor as a goal, but some of it falls flat, because the book was written quite a while ago. Ultimate Frisbee is in a different place now, and many of the jokes or lenses the book uses really aren’t applicable anymore. Regardless, it’s my favorite book about Ultimate Frisbee yet.

Ultimate Glory: Frisbee, Obsession, and My Wild Youth

Ultimate Glory is an autobiography from David Gessner that presents an entertaining and authentic look at Ultimate Frisbee, and the stories and value it added to his life. The book is easy to read and understand, and through it, you get an interesting look at David’s life.

If you want insight into David’s early years with Ultimate, and a snapshot of Ultimate from a specific era, this book can be a fun read.

History Books

Ultimate: The First Decades

Ultimate: The First Five Decades (previously Ultimate: The First Four Decades) is a gorgeous and complete book about the history of Ultimate Frisbee club competition. If you are at all interested in the different teams, dynasties, and statistics of national competing club teams, this book will be a gold mine for you!

Unfortunately, I don’t have image permission yet for this book series – but I wanted to be sure to include it anyway! You can check out the book and pricing info using the button below.

The Complete Book of Frisbee

The Complete Book of Frisbee is exactly this – a complete book of Frisbee. It outlines a detailed history of all Frisbee and disc related activities, including Ultimate. Interestingly, this book also contains a “Price Guide” for different Frisbees throughout the history of the game.

This book is perfect for you if you are at all interested in the collectible nature of Frisbees, and a general history of all Frisbee related things. If those two topics don’t interest you, you’ll probably want to pass on this book.

Children’s Books

The Ultimate Sport: A Children’s Book

The Ultimate Sport: A Children’s book is a fun and engaging book that introduces the sport of Ultimate Frisbee through the use of animal characters!

Fast Count: The Ultimate Counting Book

Fast Count: The Ultimate Counting book is a fun counting book, written for young children, from Skyd Press.


Ultimate Frisbee Playbook: A Simple 6 x 9 Blank Notebook

This is literally just a notebook, where every single page is a blank picture of an Ultimate Frisbee field. If you want a notebook full of blank Ultimate Frisbee fields you can write on, this is the book for you! If you want a book full of Ultimate Frisbee plays, this is not the book for you.

Book Review Journal – Eat Sleep Ultimate Frisbee Repeat

I hesitate to even put this in here but…there are so few books about Ultimate Frisbee, it’ll stay on the page for now.

This book is a book review journal. If you want a journal full of blank pages you can write book reviews in, you can buy this book. I mean, technically the pages aren’t blank, it does provide a structure to the book reviews you can write. But that’s all this is – a journal for reviewing books. I have no idea why the cover even mentions Ultimate Frisbee.

Interestingly enough, there is somewhat of a rabbit hole you can go down, to look at other random journals that are Ultimate Frisbee themed. Some weird ones include a Migraine Tracker, Aquarium Log Book, and Password Book.

Other Ultimate Frisbee Equipment

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