Best Ultimate Frisbee Accessories

There is all sorts of great Ultimate Frisbee gear out there for playing Ultimate Frisbee. But what’s often overlooked, are fun accessories you can use, and wear, even when not playing. Here are some of the best Ultimate Frisbee accessories you can find online!

Wooden Stud Earrings With Ultimate Frisbee Laser Engraved Design

Check out these amazing earrings! You probably don’t want to wear these while playing (though, I know many women who wear low profile earring studs and do just fine, or even put a headband around them), but they are great for showing off your love of Ultimate Frisbee when not on the playing field. They also make a great Ultimate Frisbee gift!

Ultimate Frisbee Vinyl Decal

The age of the macbook is likely coming to a close, but there are tons of other areas you can slap an Ultimate Frisbee decal on and feel good about yourself. A vinyl decal like this works on large water bottles, surfaces, laptops, desks, walls…pretty much any flat surface that is large enough! It’s a great way to show that you play Ultimate Frisbee when, well, not playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Disc Store Ultimate Magnetic Coaching Board

If you’re a coach, or you know a coach, something like this is absolutely wonderful. Every single coach that has ever coached me has used a regular white board. And, every single coach that has ever coached me has inevitably gotten angry when the markers stop working! This magnetic coaching board has magnetic player pieces, so it’s easy to show where players should be on the field!

I’d Rather BE Playing Ultimate Frisbee License Plate Frame

If you’re like me, you end up driving a lot to play Ultimate Frisbee. Whether it’s summer league, winter league, practice, or a tournament, Ultimate Frisbee players just end up in their car a lot. This license plate frame is a great way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the traffic and show that you play one of the greatest sports ever created by humans!

Bfttlity Disc Golf Retriever

This is an odd one, and used more for disc golf than Ultimate Frisbee, but it can be super helpful (and save lots of money)! This disc golf retriever is basically a telescopic rod with dual hooks on the end. It allows you to grab discs from water, and hard to reach areas, without going wading yourself. If you play disc golf, or your practice field is near a swamp, I highly suggest taking a look at this one!

Disclip Disc Carrier – Black

This item is a disc clip carrier. The back end of this item clips onto an Ultimate Frisbee bag. An Ultimate Frisbee disc can then be easily clipped onto the front. This solves the problem that a lot of bags have – if there’s not enough space to fit your cleats, jersey, and everything else, you can just clip you disc on the back of the bag, using this clip!

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

I wanted to add this to the Ultimate Frisbee accessories list, because foam rollers are great accessories when playing Ultimate Frisbee. They’re used to warm up and loosen up muscles. I have had many teammates who use these before games to get their muscles use, and also after games to stretch their muscles out and get them ready for the next day of play. If you struggle with sore muscles, I highly suggest taking a look at one of these. If you are serious about improving at Ultimate Frisbee, this can be one of the best Ultimate Frisbee accessories for you.

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

If you’re like my teammates, you may be looking for some other Ultimate Frisbee gear. Take a look and scroll through the images below and see if there is any other gear you can use!