Best Frisbee Launcher

If you’re looking for an easy way to launch a Frisbee really far, trying to play catch by yourself, or want a crazy experience in physics and mechanics (like this automatic Frisbee launcher), you’re in the right place. You are probably looking for a Frisbee Launcher. Depending on your needs, you’ll find the best Frisbee Launcher for you below.

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You can check out the best Frisbee Launcher below, or scroll down the article and take a look at some of the different options available to you.

Franklin Sports Automatic Flying Disk Launcher

Best Frisbee Launcher

Frisbee launchers are still relatively new. Frisbee is just getting popular enough to generate interest in launchers, similar to these. Despite that, there are a few Frisbee launchers or Frisbee shooters that you can buy right now.

Franklin Sports Automatic Flying Disk Launcher

If you want to practice catching a Frisbee, or practice chasing after a Frisbee, this is a great launcher. You can set it up to launch discs up to 85 feet away. It’s fun to use, and works well with kids and dogs alike. If you are looking for a Frisbee launcher for Ultimate Frisbee use, there are two problems with this. First, it launches a custom disc, not a Discraft Ultrastar. Second, it has no hopper – which means someone has to be launching the Frisbee each time. Regardless, it looks very fun.

Chuckit! Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy Set

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to throw a Frisbee with your dog, this is the way to go. The Chuckit! Ring Chaser has an easy-grip arm that lets you toss the ring to your dog with a simple easy throwing motion, but also with leverage that puts some distance on the throw. You can launch a disc ring pretty easily with this dog toy! If you want a Frisbee launcher for dogs, this is the toy for you.

Sumind 2 Pieces Foam Disc Launcher

If you are looking for a toy geared towards kids (or fun adults), check out this disc gun toy! Similar to a disc nerf gun or a tracer disc gun, this disc gun toy launches small, soft, colorful discs at pretty high speeds and fun distances. You can have a lot of fun in a backyard (or living room) playing with this disc shooter contest with this toy!

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