The Eva Maxson Interview

In March, I sat down with Eva Maxson to interview her about playing Ultimate in Belgium, Minnesota, and co-founding the Minnesota Strike.

Interviewing Eva was a joy! She was thoughtful and insightful during the conversation, and her Ultimate experience spans at least three continents, and several different countries. One of the light-hearted moments of the interview occurred when Eva explained that she experienced many more hammers and scoobers during practices in Europe, when compared to her practices in America.

If you find yourself in the U.S. and on the same team as Eva in the future, I hope you remedy that!

Eva also opened up about her experience co-founding the Minnesota Strike! She discussed the process, her reasons for helping start the team, and some of the challenges that have occurred since the pandemic.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

Trivia about Eva Maxson

Below are three trivia questions about Eva Maxson and her Ultimate career. Can you find all three answers in the interview? The answers are provided at the end of the article.

  1. In what country did Eva grow up?
  2. Prior to 2020, which three Minnesota teams did Eva play for?
  3. Eva played at the 2018 WUCC tournament. Which team did she play for?

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Trivia Answers

  1. Eva grew up in Belgium.
  2. Eva played for three Minnesota teams prior to 2020: Bird, Drag’n Thrust, and Minnesota Star Power.
  3. Eva played with the Flying Rabbits at the 2018 WUCC tournament.