About DiscDish.org

My name is James Hron. I’ve been playing Ultimate for over 15 years, starting on an Open college team (go Eauzone!), through club mixed, and AUDL.

Some of my personal highlights include:

  • Being one of 100 US players invited to the 2013 World Games Team Tryouts
  • Triple Peaking in 2014 by winning the WUCC World Championship, Club Nationals, and the Team Spirit Award at Nationals
  • Making 2nd Team All-AUDL in 2014 with the Minnesota Wind Chill

I took a three year break from Ultimate Frisbee between 2015 and 2017 to focus on my career, and starting a family. I came back to Ultimate in 2018, when I was awarded my most cherished awards – “Funniest Teammate” for my club team in 2018, as well as getting told “You’re the best teammate I’ve ever had” by a teammate and friend I incredibly respect.

I am currently playing Master’s Ultimate, and starting to play a little Disc Golf. It is my hope that I can bring everything I’ve learned to help you find what you need to get better at Ultimate Frisbee.

Why I Created DiscDish.org

There are two reasons I created DiscDish.org.

First, I wanted to help people find what they need to play Ultimate Frisbee. Whether it’s learning how to play, understanding the jargon of Ultimate Frisbee, or finding the gear they need, I wanted to make something to help. If you’re interested in Leveling Up your Ultimate Frisbee skills, sign up for the Level Up mailing list below.

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Second, there are so many stories to be told about Ultimate Frisbee that deserve to be told. And I want to be part of that. Thank you for reading, and thank you for being a part of this wonderful sport.

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