About DiscDish.org

My name is James Hron.

I started playing Ultimate Frisbee on 2006. From that first year, I’ve recognized how unique and wonderful Ultimate Frisbee is as a sport. I’ve played Ultimate off-and-on ever since. My Ultimate Frisbee experience is briefly highlighted below.

  • 2006-2011 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Eauzone
  • 2008 Oh Boy!
  • 2009-2014, 2017-2019 Drag’n Thrust
  • 2013 World Games Tryouts Invite (didn’t make the team, but had a lot of fun)
  • 2013 and 2014 National Chamipon
  • 2014 WUCC World Champion

Outside of Ultimate, I live in Minnesota with two growing kids, and a wonderful partner who I love and adore.

Why I Created DiscDish.org

There are two reasons I created DiscDish.org.

First, I wanted to help people find what they need to play Ultimate Frisbee. Whether it’s learning how to play, understanding the jargon of Ultimate Frisbee, or finding the gear they need, I wanted to make something to help.

Second, I have met so many interesting and fascinating people playing Ultimate Frisbee. Many of them have unique experiences, perspectives, or voices – but never the opportunity to share it. I want to find a way to spotlight the unique players that make Ultimate what it is.

If you, or someone you know, has a story you want to share, please contact me by using the button below!

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