Best Ultimate Frisbee Socks

Believe it or not, socks can be a big deal when playing Ultimate Frisbee. Blisters, cleat durability, and foot comfort are all impacted in a major way by the type and quality of sock you are wearing. Also, you probably want to look good out on the field. This article takes a look at the best Ultimate Frisbee socks and gives you the best socks based on your preferred height and style.

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If you want to get a great pair of socks without reading more, check out the pair below! Otherwise, keep reading to find out what socks for Ultimate Frisbee work for you!

Smartwool Unisex Athletic Crew Socks

What Type of Socks Do You Need

Not all socks are created equal! Before you search for the best Ultimate Frisbee sock, you’ll want to consider the height of the sock on your leg, and what the sock was designed to do.

The height of the sock only matters based on your cleat style. If you have low-cut cleats, any style of sock will likely work for you while playing Ultimate Frisbee. However, if you have three-quarter cleat height, or high ankle support with your cleats, you’ll want at least shin-length socks. Braces are also something to consider – if you wear an ankle brace, you may want taller socks. If you wear a knee brace, you may want to seek out knee-length socks, or some other form of compression

The other consideration when looking for the best socks for Ultimate Frisbee, is what the socks were designed to do. Some socks are built for warm-weather play, out of light material to wick sweat away. Other socks are built for cold weather play, and have a heavier feel to them. No matter what you are looking for, keep the sock design in mind!

Finally, you always want a high quality sock. Cheap socks are cheaper, sure. But they don’t last nearly as long, it’s easier to get blisters with cheap socks. They can add quite a bit of foot discomfort when playing as well. As much as possible, I would highly suggest investing in 2-3 good pairs of socks in a given season, to make sure you feel (and look) the best possible while playing Ultimate!

Best Socks for Ultimate Frisbee

Smartwool Unisex Athletic Crew Socks

The Smartwool brand is by far my favorite sock brand for Ultimate Frisbee. Smartwool socks are durable, breathe really well, and always make my feet feel great. I wear low-cut or three quarter cleats, so I usually tend to wear shin-length socks. I would suggest the same for most players, because they work with most cleat and brace types, though you may prefer low-ankle or knee-length socks instead. I’ve never been disappointed with a Smartwool sock purchase!

Best Low Ankle Socks – Under Armour Adult Performance Tech Low Cut Socks

I would suggest the Under Armour Performance low cut socks, because they actually come up over the ankle by a bit. When I wear traditional low ankle socks with my low-cut cleats, I often end up with a blister just under the ankle, because my sock inevitably falls down, and my cleat begins to dig into the skin under my ankle. These socks avoid that by covering the ankle.

Best Knee Length Socks – Adidas Rivalry OTC Sock

I am personally not a fan of knee-length socks, because I wear compression leggings when I play. However, I know a lot of players (usually with soccer experience) that enjoy wearing knee-length socks. If you fit this description, Adidas (and other soccer brands) have great socks worth checking out for Frisbee.

Best Warm Play Socks – Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

Most of the socks in the above list will work just fine while playing Frisbee in warm weather. However, some socks, like these Dickies socks, are designed specifically to control the moisture your foot creates from sweating while playing some disc. These socks work well, but if you search “Dri-Tech Socks” you’ll find all sorts of other brands.

Best Cold Play Socks – Smartwool Run Cold Weather Crew Sock

If you are planning on playing in any type of cold weather (like, for example, a spring or late fall tournament), I can’t recommend the above socks enough. Running through cold rain, snow, or ice can be a really terrible experience. Wearing a pair of socks built specifically to keep your feet warm can make a huge difference. Again, I highly suggest you get Smartwool Cold Weather socks if you plan on playing in cold weather.

Funny Disc Golf Socks – Disc Golf Fun Socks

Sometimes you don’t want Frisbee socks to play in – you just want to wear some Frisbee socks! These are great. They feature disc golf discs flying across your feet in bold colors. If you want to wear something that says “I play Frisbee” these are perfect.

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

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