Level Up: Tournament Routine for Ultimate Frisbee

It’s Sunday morning, and you’re up early. You can’t sleep, because today is the championship. It’s going to be the biggest game you’ve ever played in. You’re nervous, and find yourself wondering what you should be doing with your time.

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Let’s answer that question together. It’s time to level up by improving your tournament routine for Ultimate Frisbee.

Having a routine the morning before a tournament is extremely beneficial for you and your teammates. 

  • A routine helps you prepare for the games of the day.
  • It can help you improve your focus for the upcoming games.
  • Perhaps most importantly, a morning routine gives you an avenue to drive your energy in a positive way – especially if you’re nervous before a big game!

Morning routines for a tournament are going to vary greatly between players – and for good reason! Different players need different things, and a routine that works best for you may not work best for your teammate.

Having said that, you may be in a place where you’re not sure how to start a morning routine before your tournament games.

To help, I’ve provided a tournament routine below, which I have been able to use throughout my career with great success.

Tournament Routine

You’ll find the tournament routine outlined below. I suggest you take a look, and use what you think will help you – and ignore what you don’t find beneficial.

If you are thinking of using the routine as written, you can download it as a pdf checklist! Click the button below to get your Tournament Routine Checklist.

The Routine – Wake-Up to First Game

  • Get up early. Start Coffee, Tea, or a beverage of your choice.
  • Write in a reflective journal. Answer what went well during games yesterday, what you could improve on, and what your focus will be while playing today.
  • Eat a light breakfast.
  • Socialize with the team and check in to see how everyone is doing. Have some fun.
  • Organize your items for the day (Jerseys, Cleats, Warmup Gear, Frisbee, Phone/Wallet/Personal Items, Water, etc.)
  • Start Drinking Water
  • Apply Sunscreen
  • Put on Game Gear
  • Spend five minutes in a quiet place, and visualize your upcoming games. What is your job when playing? What will be your focus for the day?
  • Get to the fields 60-90 minutes before the first game
  • Start Your Warm-Up

Level Up with a Tournament Routine

If you think the above tournament routine will be helpful for you, you can get a pdf copy to print using the button below!

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