Best Frisbee Party Favors

Are you hosting a party and want to give out something unique? Looking to give away gifts after the tournament? Maybe you just want some Frisbee party favors. Whatever the reason, if you are looking for Frisbee party favors, you are in the right place!

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If you’re looking for something quick to get as party favors for Frisbee fans, check out the link below, or continue reading for a few great party favor ideas.

(50 Pcs) Fidget Toys Party Favors

Best Frisbee Party Favors

Below are some of the best Frisbee party favors you can get for your Frisbee related parties.

Silly Shaped Rubba Bandz Bracelets Bulk Pack

A while ago, these silly shaped bracelets were everywhere at Frisbee tournaments. Dubbed “Silly Bandz”, they were given away to teammates and opponents alike for great plays on the field. They since have lost their luster at Frisbee tournaments, but are still a fun party favor to give away at parties.

(50 Pcs) Fidget Toys Party Favors

Frisbee players absolutely love small games and toys. Giving away something like this pack of bulk toys will let the Frisbee players play with, and likely get competitive with, simple kids toys. If you want to see a lot of spontaneous fun, I recommend these toys as party favors.

The Wright Life Wham-O Mini Disc 6 Pack Frisbee Golf

If you are looking for something a bit more Frisbee specific, these mini Frisbee party favors are great. They can be thrown quite easily, but because of their small size, they aren’t as easy to throw as a regular disc. Of course, Frisbee lovers will try to throw them all over, and great fun can be had with these as party favors.

Soft Silicone Flying Discs for Kids 7 Inch Colorful Disk

If you want a slightly different version of a mini Frisbee party favor, try these flexible discs. They fly differently than other Frisbees, but are soft and can easily be thrown indoors without fear of injury or breaking something. These can be a lot of fun – but watch out! Frisbee lovers will be throwing these immediately!

Party Shot Glasses (Adults Only)

If you are looking for a 21+ gift, and one that’s a bit more pricey, shot glasses (or really any type of glass) are great personalized Frisbee party favors. At national level tournaments, USA Ultimate has been giving away pint glasses to all participants as tournament favors. These are a bit cheaper, but any type of glassware is a great premium level party favor.

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