Help Minnesota Ultimate

Minnesota Ultimate is asking for help.

If you haven’t already seen, our very own Minnesota Ultimate is in financial jeopardy. Due to the Coronavirus, they’ve lost quite a bit of revenue this spring. The organization is quickly eating through it’s 2-3 month operating budget, and their ability to “survive until year end will be a tremendous challenge.” (You can read their full post here).

Please strongly consider donating to this organization in our Ultimate community. You can do so, using the button below.

Why Should I Donate?

Minnesota Ultimate is a significant and positive force in our Ultimate community here in Minnesota. Below is a short list of items that Minnesota Ultimate is directly involved in, that you may not have been aware of. They have:

  • Run the High School League, and the fast growing Middle School League
    • Athlete safety is a huge focus. Every single adult passes background checks, Safe Sport courses, etc. This keeps the young athletes in our community safe.
    • Scholarship dollars are going towards communities that need it. This brings in new kids that might not otherwise have been exposed to Ultimate.
  • Hosted the the Minnesota High School State Championships
    • Has been hosted continuously since 2002, with a lot of great Ultimate history
    • Is one of, if not the largest state tournament in the country
    • This tournament provides competition opportunities for teams in greater Minnesota, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to compete in the High School league
  • Hosted the US Open in 4 previous years, and have a contract for hosting the next 4 years
    • This is the biggest tournament in USA Ultimate’s Catalogue.
    • Hosting locally in Minnesota has produced savings close to $75,000 per year for our community.
    • Extrapolate those savings over the 4 years Minnesota has hosted in the past, plus the next 4 years of hosting. You’ll get a pretty big number.
    • Minnesota has hosted 14 consecutive YCC championships, which brings more savings to our community.
  • Hosted, and currently host, several Ultimate leagues around the twin cities, including the ever popular Goaltimate League
  • Partnered with the Minnesota Strike in their inaugural year
  • Provided tryout support to the Mixed Combine
  • Hosted Master’s Regionals locally
  • All donations to Minnesota Ultimate are tax deductible

Minnesota Ultimate is made up of a board of directors, a full time employee, and a large number of volunteers. It’s important to recognize that the items above (and everything else they do) would not have happened if not for Minnesota Ultimate.

Some of the items above are possible to achieve for a volunteer only organization. But the combined growth and success that we’ve seen in our local Ultimate community would simply not be possible without the entirety of the Minnesota Ultimate Organization.

What Will My Donation Do?

In short, your donation will help in two ways.

First, your donation will help Minnesota Ultimate survive the short term challenges that Coronavirus has caused.

Second, your donation will help Minnesota Ultimate recoup their lost revenue. This will help the organization maintain their high level of outreach and resources – especially as the year goes on.

I had a quick chat with Jake McKean, the Program Director of Minnesota Ultimate, and he was able to add a bit more detail as to why they are asking for donations.

This is more about lost revenue. We’re aware of the federal aid, which may help us weather the immediate storm, but the lost revenue in our busy season is what we’re trying to make up for. We operate as a non-profit year round, and do much of our community outreach in the fall. It’s the spring revenue that allows us the ability to invest in summer and fall outreach – that’s what we are missing.

If you give $50 now, you personally may not see immediate value. But a year, or a few years from now, some kid growing up in St. Paul who has never heard of Ultimate, will absolutely see that value. Allowing Minnesota Ultimate to continue to exist, grow, and thrive, can give the future of Ultimate in our community a chance. Your donation can do that.

-Jake McKean, Program Director of Minnesota Ultimate

What Can I Do to Help?

First and foremost, donate using the button below.

You can also share the word! Share this post using social media of your choice.

If you want to become involved with Minnesota Ultimate in the future, use the links below to:

Finally, if you have grown up playing Ultimate in Minnesota, please let me know what your experience has been like! I would love to add your testimonial to this article (or future ones). You can contact me through the Contact Page, or Twitter (or text me if you have my number).

Minnesota Ultimate is a huge part of the reason we have such a vibrant, large, and exciting Ultimate community here in Minnesota. They are a key reason there are so many safe opportunities to play Ultimate in Minnesota. Please consider helping them maintain their high level of positive impact on our community!