Best Beach Frisbees

Sun, the smell of the ocean, the sound of waves, and a full day with no responsibilities. What could make a day at the beach any better? The answer: a Frisbee! Throwing a Frisbee on the beach is fun, and a full layout into the waves to make a sweet grab is even better. Plan right for your day at the beach by finding the best beach Frisbee, and best beach Frisbee game, for you!

There are a few different considerations when buying beach Frisbees. Value, durability, and how well the Frisbee floats should all be kept in mind when looking for a Frisbee. I’ve included the best of each of these categories in this article, to make it easier for you!

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If you’re in a hurry and just want a good beach Frisbee that works in most cases, check out the Frisbee below.

Discraft 175 Gram

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer. This is one of those times. The Discraft 175 gram disc is the standard for discs when it comes to throwing the Frisbee. It’s also the best option for most days on the beach!

Best Frisbees for the Beach

Here are some of the best beach Frisbees for your beach day!

Best Value – Aerobie Pro Ring

If you are looking for a cheap disc that flies well, won’t break easily, and works well both in water and sand, this is the Frisbee for you. It is easy to grab and easy to play with. Ultimately, there is not much better you can find for under $10.

Best for Kids – Activ Life Ring Flyer

If you are looking for a good Frisbee for kids, the Activ Life Ring Flyer is a great way to go. First, it flies very well for beach Frisbee. Second, it is durable, and easy to grab – especially with a smaller kid’s hand. Finally, it comes with two rings per pack. This is important, because kids are great at losing things – I know from experience!

Best Water Frisbees- Easy Disk Soft Catch

One of the advantages of being on the beach, is how close you are to water. Most discs are made of plastic, and float (or if you are unlucky, sink) when they hit the water. The Easy Disk Soft Catch soaks up water, making it one of the great water Frisbees, and that much more fun to throw the Frisbee around.

Best for Night Play – Night Ize Flashflight Disc

As gorgeous as the beach can be during the day, the beach at night can be downright magical. There are few ways you can toss a Frisbee around at night, but this is the best way. The Night Ize Flashflight disc is the best light up disc for beach play. There are other options, and you can read more about them here.

Shiniest – Sunlite Spin Twist

Some of these other Frisbees are great at certain things, but none of them are the shiniest. The Sunlite Spin Twist is. If you want to dazzle you friends in the sun, this is the beach disc for you.

Sand Socks

If you are looking to be a bit more focused with your Frisbee related beach activities, you’ll want a good pair of sand socks. Whether you are practicing on the beach, playing beach Ultimate Frisbee, or you just want to run fast, sand socks are the best thing to wear on your feet if you want strong performance.

Best Frisbee Beach Games

Sometimes you want to do more than toss a Frisbee on the beach. If that’s the case, check out these two very fun games you can play on the beach!


Spikeball is a super fun and energetic game to play, especially on the beach. There is something incredibly entertaining and satisfying about laying out across the sand, saving the ball, and helping your partner spike the ball to win the game.

Kan Jam

If you are looking for a beach Frisbee beach game that is a bit more chill, Kan Jam is the game for you. Throw the disc in the bin – it’s pretty simple, yet challenging, and very fun. It’s also a game you can play quite easily with a drink in your hand.

Other Frisbee Gear

If you are like some of my teammates, you’re probably looking for some other Frisbee gear. Check out the gear below, for more great Frisbee gear!