The Best Shade Tent or Sideline Tent for Ultimate Frisbee

If you are an Ultimate Frisbee player, there’s not a better investment for you (or your team) than a shade tent or sideline tent. Shade tents make those hot summer tournaments not only more comfortable, but can vastly increase the ability, energy, and safety of you and your teammates. Keep reading to find the best shade tent and sideline tent for Ultimate Frisbee.

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Phi Villa Canopy Sideline Pop Up Tent

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The Best Shade Tent (Sideline Tent) for Ultimate Frisbee

Below, you’ll see three shade tent options for you and your team. Each tent is at a different price point, and provides a different set of advantages, and possibly some disadvantages.

Phi Villa Canopy Pop Up Tent

The Phi Villa Canopy Pop Up Tent is the most versatile, most common, and cheapest option for a team shade tent. It shades a 10×10 area, covering 100 square feet. It is lightweight and easily folds into a single carrying case, that can be shouldered by a single person. The one downside to this shade tent, is quality. It will last a few years, and if you’re careful, a few years more. But you’ll start to see tears at the corners, and some of the joints may show wear. However, if you’re looking for a good team shade tent at a good price, this is the shade tent for you.

Mastercanopy Pop Up Tent

The Mastercanopy Pop Up Tent is a step up from the Phi Villa canopy tent, both in terms of price and quality. They both shade the same square footage (100 ft), they both fold down to a single case, and they both are lightweight enough to carry around. This sideline pop up tent has some advantages though. First, it is more durable. If you are looking for a shade tent to last a decade, the extra money here is worth it. It also has wheels on the carrying case, making it easier to transport, especially in parking lots. This sideline tent also has stakes – which is very useful in windy situations. This is often used as a football sideline tent as well. If you want a high quality tent at a higher price, the Mastercanopy is great.

ABC Canopy with Side Walls

If you need something more heavy duty, the ABC Canopy with side walls is what you need. This shade tent covers more area than the other two (8×12), and has a taller height clearance. More importantly, it comes with side walls. Side walls are useful to teams looking to stay out of the cold or wind. Side walls can also be useful to tournament directors, merchants, or anyone else setting up a static position at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and don’t want the wind or sun getting in to their merchandise or electronics. This is also one of the sideline tents for parents that can be really useful, due to the side walls. If you need a bigger better tent, this is the shade tent for you.

Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter

The sun shelter tent is best for individuals who just want their own shade, or Ultimate Frisbee players who need to keep a young child (or pet!) out of the sun. This tent is very easy to set up – it basically opens itself up! It keeps the sun out, yet allows easy air flow when compared to a traditional tent, so the inside doesn’t get stuffy. It folds up neatly, and is lightweight so it can be carried by any single person (alongside their other Ultimate Frisbee gear).

Why You Should Use a Shade Tent or Shade Tent

Shade tents can be a literal lifesaver for your team when playing Ultimate Frisbee in the hot sun. I remember one year, out in Colorado, it was a blazing hot day. By the time we got back to the hotel rooms, one of my teammates was hallucinating. We rushed her to the hospital, where she got an IV and was slowly re-hydrated. Playing in the sun and heat all day can be dangerous. Here are some reasons you and your team should use a shade tent.

  • A shade tent provides shad during a hot sunny day. This keeps your team safe.
  • Shade tents and sideline tents provide shade for coolers, keeping beverages and snacks cool.
  • Sideline tents for parents can be incredibly helpful to keep kids in one place, and out of the sun.
  • A team with more than one shade tent can spread out in the shade, giving each player more of an opportunity to cool down.
  • Players that can cool down after a point have more energy. This translates into more energy on the field for your team.
  • Some shade tents can be used to avoid snow, or even rain.

Getting Ready for the Field

Once you have your shade tent, you and your team are ready to play in the hot summer sun!

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