Ultimate Frisbee Gifts

Is it your handler SO’s birthday? Are you looking for a Christmas gift for your partner, who happens to play Ultimate Frisbee? Or maybe it’s Valentine’s day and your crush loves to sky defenders. No matter the reason, here are the top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Gifts for Ultimate Frisbee lovers this year!

I’ve looked at a lot of gift ideas, and cross-referenced that with years of Ultimate Frisbee experiences with many, many teammates. Each of the gifts I’ve come up with on this list offer a unique, fun, and personalized gift for Ultimate Frisbee players in your life, so they can enjoy their life just a little bit more!

Top 10 Gifts This Year

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10. Chalier 4-6 Pairs Fun Socks Famous Painting Art Socks

Ultimate Frisbee players like to self express themselves through their socks, more than anyone else I know. So many of my teammates and friends take a lot of pride in what they put on their feet every day.

Funny socks are a great way for Ultimate Frisbee Players to show off who they are. Nerdy Dice Socks, Unicorn Socks, and even Bob Ross Socks – there are socks for every type of person out there!

9. Ugly Frisbee Christmas Sweater

I once went to a party, wearing what I thought was a classically nice sweater. After my third “I love the ugly sweater” comment, I decided I needed to embrace the moment. You too can embrace this moment, and gift a very nice “Ugly” sweater to the Ultimate Player in your life.

There are lots of different kinds of ugly sweaters, but an Ultimate Frisbee sweater shows just a bit more about the personality of the wearer. It is guaranteed to be worn at least a few times a year – once during the holidays, and once during an Ultimate Frisbee party.

8. Infusion Custom Photo or Company Logo Disc – 175g

Ultimate Frisbee players love discs. I’m not sure what’s a better Ultimate Frisbee gifts than a customizable picture on a disc!

Put a sweet action shot, a beloved team, or a funny face on the front, and watch them match that face as they open this gift! The best part about this gift is it’s flexible. Find out what they love, put it on the disc and you will combined two passions in their lives!

7. LQXL Sleeping Bag

Frisbee players sleep on floors while traveling – a lot. Maybe you’ve even heard complaints of sleeping on an uncomfortable hotel room floor, with stinky cleats nearby and an A/C unit that turns the room to ice.

A sleeping bag is a great gift for any Ultimate Frisbee player that travels a lot. They add comfort when sleeping on the floor, are easy to travel with, and are great for camping too!

6. Anker External Battery Power Bank

Speaking of travel, Ultimate Frisbee players travel a lot. One of the most challenging parts of a long car ride, crowded airport, or full day at the fields, is lack of accessible phone chargers. Luckily, there is something you can do about that.

An external battery power bank is the perfect gift for Ultimate Frisbee players. It keeps them connected at the fields and while they travel, so they can give you up to date tweets and photos about how the weekend is going!

5. Lululemon Tights/Leggings

This gift is mostly for women who enjoy comfortable and high performance gear while playing, or training for, Ultimate Frisbee. These leggings are pricey – but hey, it’s a gift!

The reason they are pricey, is because they are the best tights and leggings out there! Lululemon is pretty much the leader in athletic wear for women, and for good reason. What better time to spend a bit more, than a gift for an Ultimate Frisbee player you care about!

4. Spikeball

Do you know what most Ultimate Frisbee players love? Competition. And when they are not competing on the Ultimate field, Frisbee players love…more competition!

Believe it or not, Spikeball is still one of the most beloved sideline games. You’ll see it being enthusiastically played at most tournaments. Why not give the gift that keeps giving, to show how much you care about someone?

3. Midleand 50 Channel Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are a severely under-appreciated technology when it comes to Ultimate Frisbee players. There is just something so fun about being able to reach your friends, at the push of a button, that is captured with walkie talkies.

These are great Ultimate Frisbee gifts for Ultimate Frisbee lovers who go on road trips a lot. They also make great gifts if you need to stay connected at a moment’s notice across a tournament field, or even between different hotel rooms. Did I mention how fun these are?

2. Board Game

Frisbee players love competitive athletic games like Spikeball (and Frisbee). But they also love competitive tabletop and card games, like Oh Heck, Euchre, and Hearts.

The Crew is an absolutely amazing game. It’s a trick-taking game that is cooperative, and can be played casually, or quite competitively. One game might take five minutes, but with 50 different challenges, it can take hours and hours to work through them all. The best thing about The Crew is, it can easily fit inside a small bag for easy travel!

1. Personalized Tumblers

Frisbee Players love their water bottles (or coffee thermos). They also love personalized gear (have you seen some of the recent jerseys?). Why not wed the two in a brilliant and affordable gift?

These personalized tumblers can easily sport a team name, player name, or fun nickname (like lunchbox) for any Frisbee player you care about. They also have a nice splash proof lid, and are pretty trendy right now. You can’t go wrong with this as a gift.

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

If you’re still not sure what to get the Ultimate player in your life, check out some common Ultimate Frisbee Gear below!