Best Light Up Frisbee

What happens when you want to toss a Frisbee around, but it’s dark out? Grab a light up Frisbee, or glow in the dark frisbee, of course! Frisbees that glow or light up in the dark allow you to play your favorite disc games, like Ultimate Frisbee or disc golf, in the dark. Here are the best light up Frisbees and glow in the dark Frisbees for throwing the disc around at night.

The Best Light Up Frisbee

TOSY Ultra LED 360 Flying Disc

There are many different kinds of light up Frisbees. I’ve done quite a bit of research on light up Frisbees, which you’ll find below. If you want to shop around a bit, scroll down, and find out which light up Frisbee is going to work best for you!

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The Best Light Up Frisbee

Below, you’ll find several different kinds of light up Frisbees, for many different purposes!

TOSY Ultra LED 360 Flying Disc

The TOSY Ultra LED 360 is the premium light-up LED Frisbee. It has 360 LED lights spanning the outer edge of the Frisbee, allowing you to play catch, day or night. It has multiple settings for brightness, several different play mode timers, and a rechargeable battery. Best of all, the TOSY Ultra LED 360 is 175 grams, just like a Discraft disc! It feels just like a disc you would play Ultimate Frisbee with, and is great for a game at night, or a fun game of cups during the evening.

You can read my TOSY Ultra LED 360 review write-up here.

Night Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc

The Night Ize Flashflight is one of the best light up Frisbee you can get. It has great value, comes in multiple colors and styles, and has solid battery life for its Frisbee LED lights. Best of all, it flies really well through the air! One of the challenges of a light up Frisbee, is they can have some bulk to them, due to the battery and lights. This led Frisbee feels and flies similar to a Frisbee you might use while playing Ultimate.

Go Sports LED Flying Disc

The Go Sports LED Flying Disc is a cheaper light up Frisbee, if the price point is a factor in your buying decision. This led Frisbee is good value for what you are paying for. However, the lights are contained to the inside of the disc, and while the outer edges “glow” a bit, it doesn’t stand out the same way the Flashflight disc does against the night sky. Still, the disc flies well, and comes in more than one color and pattern.

Aerobie Skylighter LED Flying Disc

The Aerobie Skylighter LED Flying Disc is a good third option for a light up Frisbee. It has a good price point, is a strong LED light Frisbee, and allows for longer battery life. The difference with this Frisbee, is that it has a cushion grip on it! This could be useful for throwing ease (or if you accidentally get hit in the face). However, you’ll notice that the flight patterns on this Frisbee are quite different than a Frisbee you would throw while playing Ultimate or Disc Golf.

The Best Glow in the Dark Frisbee

175g Glowing Flying Disc by SLR Brands

A glow in the dark Frisbee has advantages over LED Frisbees. Most importantly, it uses solar energy to light up, rather than electricity. While this won’t last as long, it is more sustainable. The other advantage, is that these discs are actually 175 grams, and fly almost identical to a Discraft disc! The Glowing Flying Disc by SLR Brands is a great option if you are looking for glow in the dark Frisbees!

The Best Lights for Playing Frisbee

Sometimes, you want to toss a Frisbee at night, but you don’t want to use a light up Frisbee. Here are some great outdoor lighting options, for your driveway, backyard, and even a field!

Biling Solar Driveway Spotlights

These driveway spotlights are easy to install, and solar powered to save you money! They are able to be installed in the ground or on the roof, providing light at night to any small area you need! They are great for playing catch with the Frisbee after dark in a driveway, or a small yard.

300W Stadium Style Flood Light

If you need something a little more heavy duty, the 300W Stadium Style Flood Light is exactly what you are looking for. This light will illuminate the biggest yards, and can even be used on an Ultimate Frisbee field at night! The lights are incredibly powerful. Of course, with the extra illumination, comes a higher price. But if you need a heavy duty light for a large area, this will do what you need.

Other Light Up Sports Equipment

Here is some other light up sports equipment you might need!

Glow in the Dark Basketball and Football

The glow in the dark sports equipment include a basketball, and American football. These sports balls are lit up internally by LED lights powered by a battery. One of the coolest features of the balls, is that they are activated when bounced, kicked, or dribbled! That way, they save energy when not used, but as soon as they get in the action, the begin to light up!

Other Frisbee Gear

If you are anything like me (and some of my teammates), you probably want more Frisbee gear. If so, you’ll want to check out the other Frisbee gear below!