Best Aerobie Frisbee Ring

There’s nothing more fun than throwing a Frisbee, right? Well, how about throwing an Aerobie Frisbee ring really, really far?

Frisbee rings, or Frisbee Aerobie Frisbees, are specifically designed to be thrown very very far. They usually have a hole in the center which reduces their mass, and allows them to glide further than other types of Frisbees. Throwing an Aerobie Frisbee is easy, but throwing it really far may require a bit of practice.

You can find the best Aerobie Frisbee or Frisbee ring below!

Best Aerobie Frisbee: Frisbee Aerobie Pro 13″ Pro Ring

The best style of Frisbee Aerobie is, well, the Aerobie Frisbee! This is designed exactly as described above. It’s a large Frisbee at 13 inches in diameter, and features a hole in the middle (which is different from a regular Frisbee). This Frisbee has less mass, and can be thrown much further.

Best Frisbee Ring for Kids: Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

If you are looking for a Frisbee ring Aerobie style that is a bit easier to throw, and doesn’t really hurt if you get hit by it, this is the one for you. The Activ Life Kid’s Flying Ring features a wider grip which allows for easier handling by kids. The plastic is a bit softer too, which means it won’t go as far – but it also won’t hurt nearly as much if you get hit in the face. This Frisbee ring features the same type of design as the Aerobie Frisbee, allowing kids to throw the distance!

Best Frisbee Ring for Night: FLYDAY Flying Disc with LED

The Flyday Flying Disc is…kind of hilarious. It’s almost comically big, and won’t go nearly as far as the other two Frisbee rings. However, it does have two fun features. First, it has LED lights, so it can be played with at night. Second, It’s made from very soft material, which won’t hurt at all if you (or a child) gets hit by it while you try to play at night. If you’re looking for something family friendly and fun to play with, check this one out!

How to Throw a Frisbee Far

The number one mistake that people make when trying to throw a Frisbee far, is they think it’s all about arm strength. It’s not – it’s about snapping your wrist. Understanding how, and when, to snap your wrist as you throw a Frisbee is very important to throwing a Frisbee far.

To work on this, one of my teammates has suggested you grab a kitchen towel, and practice “snapping” it in the air. Do this 20-30 times a day. It will build up your muscles, and timing with snapping your wrist. That type of movement can then be transferred to throwing a Frisbee – and you’ll be able to throw much further!

You can also check out the useful video below, describing how to throw a Frisbee really far.

Other Frisbee Gear

You can find other great Frisbee gear by scrolling through the images below!