“No I Don’t Think I Will” – Ultimate Frisbee Retirement Frisbee Meme

No I Dont Think I Will Meme

I remember turning 26, looking at my partner, and saying “is this our last year playing Ultimate Frisbee?”

We were playing on a mixed team that had, at the time, seen recent success. We had won nationals the previous year, had a bid to the WUCC championships in the upcoming year, and we had a good feeling about our chances. It was going to be a capstone year for our Frisbee careers, and if all went well, we were eyeing to leave on a high note.

Regardless of our results for the year, we had our eyes on other plans, like getting married, finishing grad school, and starting a family. We just didn’t have the time (or money) to do all those things, and play Ultimate Frisbee.

And so I retired from Ultimate Frisbee when I was 26.

I came back when I was 30. Then I retired again.

I came back when I was 31. 

I came back when I was 32. Then I retired for a third time.

I’m 33, and I…kind of came back – I was a practice player. 

Next year, I’ll be 34. I have no idea what next year has in store…but I won’t dare say I retired.

What About You?

Patty King and Robin Kunze both recalled similar experiences with Ultimate Frisbee as well. 

I’d like to know – when did you first retire, and have you played Ultimate Frisbee since your retirement? 

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