The Patty King Interview

A few months ago, I sat down to give Patty King an interview about her Ultimate career. 

Patty has played Ultimate for almost two decades. She played on teams like Cretin-Durham hall (high school), St. Ben’s (college), Pop and Drag’n Thrust (club), and the Cougars (masters). She’s a coach, national and world champion, and has retired from Ultimate more than once.  

One of the most enjoyable parts of interviewing Patty about Ultimate, is learning how her Ultimate experience differs from mine. Specifically, it was very interesting hearing what the early years of high school Ultimate were like in Minnesota. Today, a lot of young Ultimate athletes in Minnesota have the opportunity to play in the state championship. But it wasn’t always this way! Patty explains what it was like in the early years, as the state championship, and high school Ultimate, were just getting started in Minnesota.

Trivia about Patty King

Below are three trivia questions about Patty King and her Ultimate career. Can you find all three answers in the interview? You can find the answers at the end of the article.

  1. What sport did Patty initially want to play in college?
  2. What club team did Patty start playing on while she was in high school?
  3. Which club team offered Patty a tryout, which she turned down, due to being “retired” from competitive Ultimate?

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Trivia Answers

  1. In college, Patty wanted to play hockey.
  2. Patty started playing on the club mixed team Flaming Moe while she was still in high school.
  3. Patty declined a spot on Heist due to being “retired” from competitive Ultimate.