Ultimate Frisbee Drawing Art

In my opinion, one of the hallmarks of a dedicated and passionate fanbase for a sport is fan art. If a sport has fan art showing up on the internet, then it must have some really excited fans. Ultimate Frisbee is still in its infancy in this area, and while photos of Ultimate Frisbee have become big business, it’s not easy to find a unique Ultimate Frisbee drawing online.

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This article covers three topics:

  • How to create Frisbee Spin Art
  • Ultimate Frisbee Drawings you can Buy
  • Where to find Ultimate Frisbee Clipart

How to Create Your Own Frisbee Spin Art

You can always take out a pen and paper, and start drawing! But there is a cool craft you can do to create your own Frisbee spin art.

To create your own spin art Frisbee, you’ll need:

Once you have all your materials, first put the blank Frisbee on the lazy susan. Give it a few practice spins to make sure the disc spins with the lazy susan.

Next, take out your markers. Choose a color you want. Give the disc a spin, and begin designing the disc!

Take turns with the different colored markers until your disc is decorated in the way that you want! Once you’re done, you’ll have a wonderful, colorful piece of Frisbee spin art.

Ultimate Frisbee Drawing Art You Can Buy

Unframed Patent Print

This is a classic Frisbee drawing, showing a fake patent for the Frisbee. It’s classy, and shows that you are a fan of the sport. It also works great with mid century modern decor.

Muddy River Poster Art on Frisbee

There are a lot of Frisbees with Frisbee art on them. This is one good example, showing a muddy river in the USA.

Disc Golf Posters Set of 3

Like the Ultimate Frisbee patent art above, this is a series of patent posters, but for Disc Golf. These work well with a minimalist setup, but still show that you are a fan of Frisbee!

Ultimate UF The Extraterrestrial Parody Wall Art

If you like movies and Frisbee, you can find posters like this one. This poster parodies the famous movie poster from E.T. – but also shows that you are a human of culture and art.

Infusion Custom Photo Ultimate Frisbee

I included this as an option for Frisbee drawings you could buy, because it’s a custom disc! You can print whatever you want on the Frisbee, including your own drawings (or art from others, if you get their permission). This is an excellent option if you can’t find anything you want in the links above, or while you shop elsewhere.

Ultimate Frisbee Clipart

One of the biggest requests for drawings about Ultimate Frisbee, is for Ultimate Frisbee clipart. The easiest way to find clipart of Ultimate Frisbee for personal use, is to use Google Images

However, there are quite a few high quality examples of clipart you can find at istockphoto.com. You’ll likely need to pay for many of these, but if you are looking to use Frisbee drawings in a professional setting, this is a great option for you.

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

Check out some other Ultimate Frisbee gear in the images below.