TOSY Ultra LED 360 Disc Review

The TOSY Ultra LED 360 is a premium light-up LED Frisbee. It has 360 LED lights spanning the outer edge of the Frisbee, allowing you to play catch day or night. It has multiple settings for brightness, several different play mode timers, and a rechargeable battery. Best of all, the TOSY Ultra LED is 175 grams, just like a Discraft disc! It feels just like a disc you would play Ultimate Frisbee with, and is great for a game at night, or a fun game of cups during the evening.

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TOSY Ultra LED Features

One of the great things about the TOSY Ultra LED 360, is the amount of features included with the Frisbee. While most other light-up Frisbees have an on and off switch, the TOSY Ultra has much more, which I’ve covered below in detail.

Brightness Settings

This LED Frisbee has six different brightness settings! The settings span from No Light, to Dim, all the way up to Extreme. The top two levels even come with a caution not to look directly at these in close range, as they are extremely bright! Having this many brightness settings is great. If it’s still bright outside, you can set the brightness to a higher level and still play with a light-up Frisbee. At the same time you can set the brightness to Dim if it is dark outside, to save battery but still be able to see the lights at night. 

TOSY Ultra LED 360

Timer Play Modes

One of the coolest features of the TOSY Ultra Frisbee LED 360, are the different timer play modes. There are 6 different play modes, in three different categories.

The first is default mode. In this mode, the disc will light up while in flight, and when caught the lights will turn out.

The second is timer mode. In this mode, the disc will light up in flight, and stay lit for a certain amount of time. Different options in this mode include 8, 30, and 120 seconds. This mode is useful if you’re worries about losing the disc in trees or bushes after dark.

The third mode is really cool, called Ultimate mode. In this mode, the disc will light up during flight, but once caught, it will start blinking. Each blink of the light is one second apart, effectively introducing a stall count to the disc. In other words, you can play Ultimate with this disc and have the disc count the stall for you! There are two Ultimate modes, one which stalls to 10, and one which stalls to 7.

Rechargeable Battery

The TOSY Ultra LED 360 has a rechargeable battery, and I think this is one of the best features included with the Frisbee. Most other LED discs don’t have a rechargeable battery, and once the battery runs out, you need a new one. The TOSY disc can be charged with a USB-C charging cord (which is included with the disc), making it significantly more sustainable than other LED discs. Because the battery is rechargeable, the Quick Start Guide lists some caution, which I list later in this article.

Smart Turn-Off

One other great feature about this disc is that it has a smart turn-off feature. This is incredibly useful. With other LED discs, you can forget to turn off the disc, and the battery drains overnight. With the TOSY Frisbee, it will automatically turn off if it does not move after 10 minutes, saving the battery for you. 


Honestly, one of the best tests for Frisbees like this is to give it to my kids, and let them play. Well, the TOSY Ultra LED 360 passed with flying colors. It works great, and my kids really enjoyed it. While it feels similar to the Discraft Ultrastar (appealing to the Ultimate player in me), the rim has a bit more thickness to it, giving it a bit more strength on the outside than an Ultrastar. This will help it last longer, and protect the LED lights on the Frisbee lining the outer rim.


The TOSY Ultra Frisbee LED 360 is also waterproof! It can be played in water, near water, and in the rain. I threw it a bit in the rain (before running inside), and on very dew-covered grass, and it continued to work great.

Rechargeable Battery Considerations


One of the best things about this Frisbee is the fact that it can be recharged. This makes the disc a lot more sustainable for your wallet, and the environment. Because of this, you’ll need to take care of the disc a bit more than other discs.


Overheating is one consideration when playing with the TOSY Ultra LED Frisbee. The one I was using is colored black. It never overheated for me, but I could see that being a problem on hot, sunny days. Be sure to keep this in mind if you play with the disc during the day.

Salt Water

Salt water is corrosive, and can ruin all sorts of things. The rechargeable battery included with the TOSY Ultra LED is no exception. The Quick Start Guide that comes with the disc offers the precaution not to leave in water, especially saltwater, for too long. 

Read Quick Start Guide

For best use of the TOSY Ultra LED 360, I suggest reading the Quick Start Guide that comes with the disc. It’s short, not even a full page of paper, but has some important information about the features, and precautions of using the disc.

TOSY Ultra LED in box

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the TOSY Ultra LED 360 is the premium LED disc out there. It has more features than other LED discs, more brightness settings, and a rechargeable battery. It also feels very similar to a Discraft Ultrastar (which is used almost everywhere to play Ultimate Frisbee), so I very much enjoyed playing catch with it. Use the button below to check it out on Amazon.

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