Best Sideline Cooler

One of the biggest challenges I face when playing Ultimate Frisbee is staying cool. There are a lot of strategies you can use to stay cool including using sideline towels or shade tents, as well as keeping your beverage ice cold in a sideline cooler. This article outlines the best sideline Ultimate Frisbee cooler for your needs, from travel sized, all the way up to team sized.

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Best Travel Sized Cooler

This thing is small – which is what I assume you want out of a travel sized cooler. It is also collapsible, which is great for travel tournaments – you don’t need to worry about it taking up extra travel space in your luggage! Despite the small size and collapsible feature, it can still fit 24 cans worth of space – all while hanging over your shoulder.

Best Personal Sized Cooler

There are many great personal sized coolers you can use to keep your drinks cold on the sidelines. This one is great because it comes in backpack form. Imagine carrying your bag, cleats, and disc to your field on Saturday morning of a tournament. Adding an Ultimate cooler in there makes the trip to your field a lot of work! A cooler with straps offers a lot of utility and ease of use, especially at a strong price point.

Best Team Sized Cooler

If you’re a parent, coach, or just a teammate who likes providing cooler space for your teammates, you’ll want a large cooler. There are lots of coolers that work as a “team-sized” cooler, like the one above. However, when shopping around, you’ll want to look at three things. First, does it have wheels? Second, does it have a handle? Third, can you sit on it without breaking it or falling over? If the answer to these three questions is “yes”, then you’ve found yourself a good team sized cooler.

Best Gatorade Cooler

There’s something nostalgic and authentic about getting a cold refreshing cup of water, or Gatorade, from a big orange cooler like this. These Gatorade style coolers are staples at tournaments, and are even used from time to time by teams for games, usually locally. If you want a cooler with a push-button nozzle, these are a great place to start.

Best Under Armour Cooler

There are all sorts of other coolers that I haven’t covered, but I wanted to give one last option – the branded cooler. Some people love to share the brands they love with the world. If this is you, I suggest finding a branded cooler, like the Under Armour one above. They are usually still good quality, and prominently feature the brand you love.

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