Best Ultimate Frisbee Shorts

Believe it or not, finding the right type of Ultimate Frisbee shorts are often a hot topic among teams, especially mixed (coed) teams. Finding shorts that aren’t too short or too long, that have a lightweight yet breathable material, with a good inseam – these are all challenging options that teams need to deal with each year.

But don’t worry! I’ve researched a number of different options for Ultimate Frisbee shorts, and outlined where to buy Ultimate Frisbee shorts for you below! If you’re looking for shorts just for you, stick to the top of the article. If you want to purchase team shorts, head to the bottom of the article to see some team short options.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Shorts For You

Amazon Essentials Men’s 2-Pack Loose-Fit Performance Shorts

These shorts are the best value you can find online. They are cheap, comfortable, and come in a two pack. They have different size and color options as well.

These are the perfect Ultimate shorts Frisbee if you are looking for something quick to wear to your next game or tournament. However, keep in mind, these are not the type of shorts that will last for 5+ seasons! These are great for quick use, if you are looking for value.

Women’s Running Shorts: Blooming Jelly Women’s Quick-Dry Running Shorts

These are some of the most popular shorts in Ultimate Frisbee. Why? Because this is a sport where you run a lot! These shorts are durable, have great value, and are extremely lightweight.

They also work really well when worn over a pair of tights or compression shorts. For some reason they include a phone pocket too – not sure how much it will be used, but it’s there if you need it!

Men’s Running Shorts: New Balance Men’s Accelerate 5 Inch Short

These are great shorts for Ultimate Frisbee players, and becoming more and more popular with male-matching players as well. They are much more lightweight than traditional shorts, and work very well over compression shorts or tights.

I was personally a bit skeptical about my own enjoyment of these style of shorts, but after using them last season, I ended up really enjoying them! There was no fabric hitting my knees as I ran, and I found that my legs somehow felt faster.

EZRUN Men’s 5 Inches Running Workout Shorts

To give one more option, here are some great running shorts that offer lightweight yet durable material. They are cheap, have an elastic band, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

They also come with zipper pockets. I actually would caution against wearing shorts with pockets. I’ve done this in the past, and every once in a while, when I ran, my hand would get caught in the pocket, either tearing my shorts or throwing off my stride. However, pockets are great to carry things in between games at tournaments. If you do want shorts with pockets, I recommend zipper pockets – like these have!

Best Team Shorts for Your Team

There are some amazing companies that offer custom team jersey designs! These companies will work with you and help implement your color scheme, team logo, and let you pick out the right type of jersey – and shorts – for you and your team. If you aren’t sure where to buy Ultimate Frisbee shorts for your team, scroll down!

Below are the most well known Ultimate apparel companies (if you have a company to add, please contact me here). The only advice I would offer is to give them a lot of time (4+ months) to receive your order, print the jerseys, and get them shipped out to you!

You can also get Patagonia Ultimate Frisbee Shorts here!

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

If you’re like many of my teammates, you’ll want to add some more gear to your bag before your next game! Check out the articles below to find the right gear for you!