What should be in your Ultimate Frisbee Kit

You’re looking for an Ultimate Frisbee kit. What does that include? Where can you buy a kit? What do you all need to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee? These questions are all answered here – keep scrolling below!

Ultimate Frisbee is a great sport to play, because you need very little equipment. Unlike sports like American Football or Lacrosse, an Ultimate Frisbee Kit is quite inexpensive! To play Ultimate Frisbee, you’ll need four things: a jersey, shorts, cleats, and a disc.


The first thing you’ll need to play Ultimate Frisbee is a jersey. Jerseys should be made out of light, breathable material, that allows for a wide range of motion, and whisks away sweat easily. 

When you get a jersey for your Ultimate Frisbee kit, you should also consider grabbing both a light and dark jersey (or a reversible jersey). When two teams play, to avoid confusion, one team wears a “light” color (like white), and the other team wears a “dark” color (like black). Having both a light and dark jersey on hand makes it easy to play no matter the circumstance.

Some teams like to order the same jerseys for each person on the team. You can find more about Ultimate Frisbee apparel here.

You can check out more about Ultimate Frisbee shirts here.


You will also need a pair of shorts to play Ultimate Frisbee. Like the jersey, the shorts should be lightweight, and made from flexible material.

Unlike the jersey, the color of the shorts doesn’t really matter that much. Sometimes teams will all wear the same color, or even order the same style of shorts for everyone on the team. But if you are just looking to play some Ultimate Frisbee, any pair of shorts will do.

You can check out more about Ultimate Frisbee shorts here.


Ultimate Frisbee is most often played on grass (though it is sometimes played on the beach or indoors). To make sure you can run fast without slipping, you’ll need to buy a pair of cleats.

Buying cleats is likely to be the most expensive item you’ll need for your Ultimate Frisbee kit. It can also be quite confusing. One of the most common questions is “What type of cleats should I get to play Ultimate Frisbee?” 

You can check out more about Ultimate Frisbee cleats here. Further down that linked page is also a helpful section on how to buy cleats cheap.


The last thing you’ll need to play Ultimate Frisbee is a disc, or Frisbee. Believe it or not, there is a specific disc used to play Ultimate Frisbee – the Discraft Ultrastar.

Fortunately, Discraft makes millions of these discs, and they are widely available, with thousands of different colors and decals. There is even a whole world of disc collecting that you may not know about!

You can find out more about where to buy a disc here.

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

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