Ultimate Frisbee Terms

Like many sports, Ultimate Frisbee has a jargon and lingo of its own. If you’ve ever stood on the sideline of a game, and heard confusing phrases like “scoober,” “hammer,” or “no strike” – you’re not alone! Fortunately, I’ve compiled this giant list of alphabetized Ultimate Frisbee terms and definitions! You can use this list to look up any phrases you want to know the meaning of!

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Ultimate Frisbee Terms and Lingo

Below, you’ll find definitions to common (and some uncommon) Ultimate Frisbee terms. You can use the linked letters to jump to that letter in the alphabet. Find out the definition for your Ultimate Frisbee terms here!


Ben Wiggins

An author at Skyd Magazine…or an actor who appeared most recently in The Witcher.

“Hey, is that Ben Wiggins over there?”


A word used to describe a player diving in Ultimate Frisbee, usually when a player dives across the ground to catch or intercept the disc. Can also be referred to as a layout.

“Wow, I can’t believe you caught that, nice bid.


A throw where the disc is completely vertical to the ground as it travels through the air. Blades are usually fast as they slice through the air, which is why they are called blades.

“Ouch, that blade you threw me hurt my hand.”


A special achievement where a defender in Ultimate Frisbee causes a turnover by the other team, and goes on to either throw or catch the score – all in the same point!



When a thrower completes a throw to the “break” side of the field. The break side of the field is the opposite direction of the force.

“Stop the throws to the break side.”


When a pull goes out of bounds, the frisbee is often brought back to start play at the “brick mark.” A “brick” refers to the specific spot on the field where this occurs – usually 20 yards in front of the receiving team’s endzone, at the center of the field.

“The pull was out of bounds, bring the disc up to the brick mark.”


A special play in a game of Ultimate Frisbee, where the defender intercepts and catches the disc in the endzone they are attacking, resulting in an instantaneous score.


Chicken Wing

An odd throw that is rarely used in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. The grip on the disc is inverted, so the fingers are spread across the top of the disc and the thumb below. Then, the arm extends in a similar motion to a high release flick, to complete the throw.

“I can’t believe you threw a chicken wing in a game!”


This term is used as another way to say “take your time” – usually used when the disc is near the endzone, and the team is about to score.

“Stay chilly, stay chilly.”


This is a term used to challenge a foul call against a player in a game of Ultimate. It is pronounced “Kunn-test.”

“You’re calling foul? I contest!”


A type of zone defense. Usually, 2-4 players (with a mark) all stand 10 feet from the thrower, and attempt to block the throwing lanes the thrower has.

“Alright, lets set up a 3 person cup for this point.”


A player who runs or “cuts” to get open for a pass – similar to an American football receiver.

“Who here plays cutter?”


This just stands for “defense.” It can be used in the same way in a sentence.

“Hey – nice d.”


A short throw, often backwards, to another player.

“Don’t forget to look for the dump at stall 7.”


This is a term used when a team is running zone defense, and needs to transition to person defense. “Fire” is yelled loudly across the field, as defenders scramble to find their matchups.

Fire! Fire! Fire!”


Flatball is an alternative term used for a disc. The term is also used to refer Ultimate, or more casual forms of catch with the disc.

“Who wants to play some flatball?”

Flex Shot

Unlike the adhesive sealant (#ad), a flex shot in Ultimate Frisbee occurs when a thrower uses a less common throw (like a chicken wing or thumber), often unnecessarily, to score a goal.

“That thumber was such a flex shot.”


Another term for forehand. This is a common throw used in Ultimate, where the thumb wraps around the outside of the disc, and two fingers grip the inside rim of the disc.

That was a nice flick into the wind.”

Foot Block (Footblock)

A foot block is when the mark blocks the throw with their foot. This results in a turn. These can be dangerous, so be careful when attempting a foot block.

“Nice job on the mark with that foot block.”


The direction the mark is trying to force the player with the disc to throw. Usually the force is towards one sideline or the other.

“For this point, we are going to force home.”


Another term for flick. This is a common throw used in Ultimate, where the thumb wraps around the outside of the disc, and two fingers grip the inside rim of the disc.

“That forehand looks smooth! Keep practicing!”


This is a special play in Ultimate, where a receiver jumps, then catches the disc and throws it before they land. Usually this occurs when an offensive player dives from in-bounds, attempts a greatest, and lands out of bounds.

“You caught it and threw it while mid-air! That’s a greatest!”


A type of throw used in Ultimate Frisbee. The same grip as a flick is used, but the disc is released over the head, somewhat vertically (similar to a blade), but the disc ends up flipping on it’s back as it flies through the air.

“This is a tricky wind to throw hammers in.”

Hand Block (Handblock)

A hand block is when the mark blocks the throw with their hand. This results in a turn.

“Nice job on the mark with that hand block.”


A player who throws the disc more often – similar to an American football quarterback.

“Who is trying out as handler?”

Hannah McBeth

While not directly related to Ultimate Frisbee terms, Hannah McBeth is a spectacular professional Disc Golf player.

“Did you see what place Hannah McBeth came in on Saturday?”

High Release

This is a way to throw the disc (usually forehand or backhand) at a higher point than usual. A high release is often used to break the mark.

“Nice job breaking the mark with that high release!”


This is a term used to describe a long throw in Ultimate Frisbee. Someone who makes a long throw might be a “hucker.”

“That was a great huck!”


I/O stands for inside – out. This describes the flight of the disc when the thrower curves the disc from the inside to the outside. This is opposite the flight path of a disc that has O/I.

“That was a nectar I/O flick!”


A word used for “dive” in Ultimate Frisbee – when a player dives across the ground to catch or intercept the disc. Also referred to as a bid.

“That was a great layout d!”

Low Release

Similar to a high release, this is a way to throw the disc (usually forehand or backhand) at a lower point than usual. A low release is often used to break the mark.

“That was a great low release backhand to break the mark.”


The person playing defense on the person who has the disc.

“When you’re on the mark, be sure to hold the force.’


A positive adjective applied to a cool play.

“That catch was nectar!”


O/I stands for outside – in. This describes the flight of the disc when the thrower curves the disc from the outside to the inside. This is opposite the flight path of a disc that has I/O.

“That was a nectar O/I flick!”


This is an occurrence in a game of Ultimate Frisbee when a player’s movement is blocked by another player. When this occurs, the player calls out “Pick” loud enough for everyone to hear. The player who was picked gets to catch up to where they would have been if they were not picked, and play resumes.

“Play stops when a pick is called.”

Poppers or Pop

When playing offense against a cup zone defense, there are usually two players called poppers. Poppers will run (often called crashing or popping) into the cup, to provide easy dumps to the thrower and reset the stall.

“They will run a cup again this point. Who wants to be a popper?”


A pull is a deep throw used to start play, similar to a kickoff in American football. The game of Ultimate Frisbee begins with pull. Also, after a point is scored, the a pull is used to begin the next point.

“After the pull, lets run the zipper.”

Rail (Rails or Deep Deep)

When playing offense against a cup zone defense, there are usually two players called rails (or sometimes deep deeps). Rails will run near the sideline of the field, and alternatively run deep or short, trying to create 2 on 1 advantages against the deep space in the cup zone defense.

“They will run a cup against us this point. Who wants to be a rail?”


This is an uncommon throw used in Ultimate, similar to a hammer. A scoober uses the same grip as a hammer, but instead of releasing the disc over their head, the disc is released either in front of their head, or across the their body.

“Good job breaking the mark with that scoober.”

Sky (Skied)

A player will sky another player when they jump higher and catch the disc over the opposing player.

“You got UP and skied them!”


According to the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, a player has 10 seconds to throw the disc. The defender is counting these ten seconds out loud, and this is referred to as the stall.

Stall 1…stall 2…stall 3…”


A cut, often made by a handler, running in a line in front of the player with the disc. If the defense wants to stop a strike cut, you will often hear “No Strike” yelled on the field.

“No strike! No strike!


A short throw, often sideways across the field, to another player.

“When the stall gets high, be sure to look swing.”


A special way to throw the Frisbee, using your thumb on the inside rim of the disc. These are rarely used in a game of Ultimate.

“That was a crazy thumber you threw!”


A “turn” is short for “turnover”. This occurs when the team with the disc (the offense) either drops the disc, throws an incomplete pass, or the disc was intercepted.

“They turned it! Go deep!”

Ultimate no u

This doesn’t have anything to do with Ultimate Frisbee terms. What this refers to, is the ultimate comeback line to an insult. For example: “You’re slow.” “No you are.”

“You’re slow.” “No you are.”


Universe, also referred to as universe point, is a situation in the game of Ultimate where whoever scores the next point wins the game. This situation occurs when the score is tied, and the time for the game has expired.

“It’s universe point, we need to score this!”


A term often shouted when the disc is thrown, so players know the disc is in the air.



A type of team defense, where the players guard a part of the field, rather than a specific offensive player.

“We’re going to run zone this point…who wants to be in the cup?”

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