Best Field Cones for Ultimate Frisbee

One of the best things about Ultimate Frisbee is how accessible it is. To play, you really just need three things – a group of friends, a disc, and a playing space. Endzones can often be marked on the playing space by using landmarks, like “just past that tree.” However, if you want to get a little more precise when playing Ultimate Frisbee, you’ll eventually need field cones. Whether you need cheap field cones, pylons, or something else, check out the best sideline cones and best field cones for Ultimate Frisbee below.

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Best Value: Pro Disc Cones

If you want field cones for games that can easily mark a field at a great price, this is your best bet. These are cheap, come with a bag, and can easily be transported. These cones are surprisingly durable as well. They can be stepped on and still pop up, doing their job well on the field. They also work very well when used in training as agility cones – so they can serve a purpose during games, practice, and workouts.

Best Visible Field Marking Cones: Thin Air Brands Agility Sport Cone

Often times, the small cones above are just too hard to see. These field marker cones are great for Ultimate Frisbee for two reasons. First, they are taller, and much more visible. This makes it easy to make “in-out” calls during the game. Second, and more importantly, they are very flexible. It’s unlikely someone gets hurt when they lay out into a cone. Finally, orange is currently the generally accepted color for field cones or pylons – whether you get these cones or others, make sure they are orange.

As an aside, these cones are also great as flag football sideline markers, or to be used as markers in other sports as well!

Best Sideline Pylons: GoSports Football End Zone Pylons

Most televised Ultimate Frisbee events have opted to move to sideline pylons, instead of sideline cones. This presents a more professional image, and makes bids into the corners of the field just a bit safer for the players.

These are great value for sideline pylons. They are anchorless (meaning, you don’t have to attach them to the ground), and sand weighted, which is much safer than metal weighted. Don’t forget, if you want to use these for an Ultimate Frisbee game, you’ll need 8 of them (four for each endzone)!

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

If you are like some of my teammates, you’re probably looking for some other Frisbee gear. Check out the gear below, for more great Frisbee gear!