Best Sideline Cooling Towel

One of the greatest innovations in my Ultimate career happened when I discovered the sideline towel. You see, I struggle with excess moisture when I run around in the sun all day. It’s hard to grip a disc when I sweat a lot, and while I make good use of sweat bands, sometimes they are just not enough. That’s when I found the cooling towel. After a tough point on the field, jogging to a sideline towel to wipe down my face, arms and hands made a significant difference for me. So here are the best sideline cooling towels for Ultimate Frisbee.

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Best Sports and Workout Towel

This is the classic 16 x 27 inch towel that you see at most gyms, and it’s my personal favorite. Some of the newer towels have fancier (and sometimes more effective) cloth, but I like the traditional feel of this style towel. It’s great value, easy to use, and keeps sweat off your arms.

Best Cooling Towel

I’ve never been a huge ice person while playing Ultimate, but a lot of my teammates are. A towel like this is spectacular for storing in an icy cooler while you play. Then, after the point, you can retrieve it and have an icy reprieve from the warm sun. These towels are great for this because they are more made of a different material, so the water they absorb doesn’t add too much weight when you pull it out of a cooler.

Best Gatorade Sideline Towel

I’m not sure if there is a more iconic sideline towel than the Gatorade Sideline Towel. There are other brands to choose from, but this towel stands above the others. If you want to feel sporty while wiping sweat from your brow, this is the towel for you.

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