Loving the Disaster – Ultimate Frisbee Meme

Disaster Girl Ultimate Frisbee Meme

Have you ever walked away from nationals (or any big tournament) with a smug look on your face – not because you (or your team) was successful, but because the team you dislike lost? Like Disaster Girl, I have found myself in those shoes and, while the feeling isn’t sweet, it’s at least bittersweet.

Cheering against a team can be almost as fun as cheering for a team. Like a train wreck, it’s hard to turn away from a team experiencing their worst tournament at the most important time of the year. While it’s all entertainment (especially if you’re watching from afar), I would like to give one word of advice – don’t get lost in the negativity.

There is an odd side effect to staying in this negative cycle for too long – it clouds your long term vision of a player, or team. This reduces your opportunities in the future, as strange events can turn a once-disliked player one year, into your teammate the next.

In short, I think cheering for some teams, and against other teams, in any big tournament, is a fun and healthy way to stay entertained while watching Ultimate Frisbee. I know I go into nationals every year cheering my team on, while secretly cheering against my “love to hate” list of teams for that year. But don’t forget – once the tournament is over, don’t hold grudges, and be ready to move on – because next year is a new year. 

What About You?

I’d like to know – what teams were you cheering against at nationals? How did they do?

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