Best Ultimate Frisbee Movie

Football has Remember the Titans. Basketball has Space Jam. Chess has the Queen’s Gambit. But what does Ultimate Frisbee have? Despite not having a strong presence in media and pop culture, you may be surprised that Ultimate Frisbee, and other disc sports, have a growing body of entertainment. If you want something more than just an ultimate throw gif, keep reading to find out the best Ultimate Frisbee movie!

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Best Streaming Service

Currently, I believe the best streaming service to watch these Ultimate Frisbee movies with is Amazon Prime Video. You can sign up for a free trial with Amazon Prime Video using the button below.

Flatball – A History of Ultimate

Flatball – A History of Ultimate is a documentary style history of Ultimate Frisbee. The documentary begins at the humble origins of the sport, and moves its way through the 70s, 80s, and 90s, spending quite a bit of time on a few big rivalries during those decades. It finishes during near contemporary times, and shows highlights from some of the best Ultimate Frisbee plays (and surprisingly, I made a highlight in the movie).

Did I mention that it is narrated by Alec Baldwin?

One of the only criticisms I have of this film, is that it almost completely ignores women’s Ultimate, and completely ignores mixed Ultimate. Despite a title that signals a full history of Ultimate, keep in mind this documentary really only covers the men’s division.

Flatball – A History of Ultimate is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Hard Plastic

Hard Plastic is a recent film featuring Andy Dick and Meg Dick. It’s a quirky comedy focused on a daughter who tries to convince her father that Disc Golf is, indeed, a real sport.

While Hard Plastic does have some self-deprecating humor around disc golf (and disc sports in general), it’s nice to see a funny, independent movie put together with some talented actors and writers.

Hard Plastic is available free to watch here, or to purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Get Big

Get Big is a documentary style Ultimate Frisbee movie from 2018, directed by Elana Beatrice and Daniele Lince. The film follows the players and teams playing Ultimate Frisbee in Italy, diving deeply into their lives as they travel to tournaments and reflect on their games. You get a real snapshot of what it’s like to play Ultimate Frisbee like these athletes.

It is worth noting that the audio for Get Big is entirely in Italian, though English subtitles are available.

Get Big is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Chasing Sarasota

I watched Chasing Sarasota as soon as it came out. The film is an Ultimate Frisbee documentary that follows the Portland Rhinos open team, and their attempt to make the national tournament. The documentary is reminiscent of I Bleed Black, which covers the 2001 Black Tide college team (and I Pee Pink, which covers one of the first years of my college team’s existence – though I can’t find a copy).

Ironically, (or tragically, depending on who you ask), the Ultimate Frisbee national tournament was moved from Sarasota to other locations (Texas, California) soon after the film was released.

You can watch Chasing Sarasota free here, or rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

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