Ultimate Frisbee Workout Gear

Working out, physical fitness, and nutrition are all really important aspects to improving at Ultimate Frisbee. To improve your physical fitness, you’ll need some Ultimate Frisbee workout gear. You’ll find some great workout gear below, to help you get started on improving your Ultimate Frisbee conditioning.

Before we get started, I do want to point out that this article is written for those of you who are looking to do workouts at home, or in a nearby space (like a field). There are a ton of gyms, physical trainers, and other opportunities to develop an Ultimate Frisbee workout plan. I may update the article later to include some of those, but for now, here is some great Ultimate Frisbee workout gear.

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Amazon Basics Adjustable Barbell

Barbells, often referred to as dumbbells, are one of the most important parts to an at-home workout routine. There are so many different exercises you can do with barbells. You can do arm workouts like curls, extensions, or presses. Leg workouts like raises, squats, or lunges are also good exercises. You can even do core workouts with lighter weights.

The Basic Adjustable Barbell is great, because it comes with a variety of different weights that you can use to add, or remove, based on your personal strength. While the variety in weights is great, something like the NordicTrack 55lb Set provides even more options (and quality) for barbells, but at a higher price.

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kettlebell Set

Kettlebell sets are similar to barbells, except that the handle is on the top of the weight, rather than in the middle. This allows you to use Kettlebells in a different way than with barbells. While barbells exercise often involve pushing (especially with arm use), kettlebells often involve pulling or raising.

This kettlebell set is great, because it comes with three different weight classes.This is important, because the amount of weight you can lift with a straight arm raise is significantly less than what you can lift with your legs. Having multiple weight options allows you to challenge yourself and improve your Ultimate Frisbee conditioning.

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are incredibly helpful when starting an at-home Ultimate Frisbee exercise routine. For starters, they allow a soft place to lie down, and do non-standing exercises. This isn’t just for comfort! This also allows you a place where you won’t slip, and the yoga mat catches any sweat falling, stopping it from ending up on your floor.

Yoga mats are also great for, well, yoga and stretching! In my experience, I’ve found that male identifying Ultimate Frisbee players often neglect to stretch, or work on the muscles that yoga frequently improves. I highly suggest that everyone playing Ultimate should, at least once a week, engage in a stretching or yoga routine.

Hoocan Resistance Bands Set

Resisance bands are excellent for stretching, (especially on your yoga mat)! But resistance bands can also be used to strengthen muscles, especially hard to reach muscles, or muscles that can’t deal with a lot of excess weight.

These resistance bands are excellent, because they are a good value, and come in a set. They can be used to exercise all sorts of muscles, from calf muscles to butt muscles (gluteal), and many others.

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up/Chin Up Bar

While using weights and resistance bands to exercise muscles can be important, using your body weight to exercise muscles is another option! This pull up bar is great because it fits with most doorways, and has multiple grip types. This can help strengthen arms, shoulders, core, and back muscles.

In my experience, back muscles are often neglected, so finding ways to help strengthen those can be very helpful in avoiding injuries. 

Other Ultimate Frisbee Gear

If you are like me, or some of my teammates, you may be interested in some other Ultimate Frisbee gear. Scroll through the images below to find some other great Ultimate Frisbee equipment!