How to Throw a Scoober Throw in Frisbee

The scoober throw in Frisbee is an odd throw, but extremely useful when playing Ultimate Frisbee. There are many reasons why you would want to throw a scoober, which I discuss below. However, I want to start with the most important part – how to throw a scoober.

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How to Throw a Scoober

The first thing you need to think about when throwing a scoober is the grip. You’ll grip the Frisbee like you would when you are throwing a flick.

You may recognize the pictures below from the Hammer Throw article, because the grip for the scoober is generally the same as the grip for the hammer. On the bottom side, your pointer and middle fingers will curl against the rim of the disc, allowing you to grip the Frisbee strongly.

Hammer Throw Frisbee Grip Bottom
Bottom hammer grip on my new TOSY Ultra LED Frisbee.

On the top side of the Frisbee, your thumb will cover the top, providing additional balance and support when you throw.

Hammer Throw Frisbee Grip Top
Top hammer grip on my new TOSY Ultra LED Frisbee.

Once you’ve gripped the Frisbee correctly, you’ll begin your throwing motion. Unlike a forehand, the disc will be released upside down (also called “inverted”), and across your body. Unlike a hammer throw which is more vertical, the scoober throw is more horizontal, in both release motion and flight path.

The release point of the Frisbee will generally be over your head, anywhere from as high as you can reach, to where you might give a salute from. 

The release motion is odd. It’s probably different from any other type of release motion you’ve used before. The best way I can describe it, is to use your wrist in a horizontal motion, flicking away from your body. It’s almost the symmetrical opposite to a regular forehand motion.

When the scoober flies through the air, it should follow a horizontal flight pattern, and it may “s curve” at the end.

And that’s it! Congratulations, it’s time to rock that scoober!

To recap, when you throw a scoober in Frisbee you should:

  • Make sure you have the same grip as a forehand
  • Release the Frisbee across your body, horizontally, and upside down in a flicking motion going away from you
  • The path of the Frisbee should fly horizontally, and will likely “s curve” at the end

Why Should you Learn How to Throw a Scoober Frisbee

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn to throw a scoober while playing Frisbee. Here are the three most important.

Experience in Throwing and Catching

Whether you’re playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee, or just having fun with friends, the scoober throw is part of the game. You’ll become a better thrower overall by practicing throwing scoobers. Perhaps even more importantly though, you’ll become a better catcher and receiver by throwing scoobers. This is similar to throwing and catching with hammers as well.

Throwing to an Open Teammate

If you are going to play Ultimate Frisbee at any skill level, you’re going to get in a position where a teammate is open, and you need to get the disc to them quickly. Your defense will probably know this too, and they’ll move their mark to stop an easy throw. What do you do?

You throw a scoober!

Throwing a scoober is one of the easiest ways to break a mark. Not only that, but scoobers often travel through the air with an “s curve”, which gives you a lot of ability to bend the scoober around a defender, or in a favorable way with the wind.


Throwing a scoober throw in Ultimate Frisbee is fun! Whether at practice, at the park, or playing a game like cups, you’ll see someone with a disc throwing a scoober. Being able to throw a scoober adds variety to your game, and generally makes disc sports more enjoyable.

When Should you Throw a Scoober in Ultimate Frisbee

There are some specific times when throwing a scoober makes sense in Ultimate Frisbee. Here are some of the more common ones.


When your opponents put a zone on you, it’s sometimes hard to pass the Frisbee to a teammate. Being able to throw a scoober can easily get the Frisbee over the top of the zone, making them run more, and making it easier for your team to break through the zone.


As mentioned earlier in the article, sometimes a defender will poach somewhere else on the field, and one of your teammates will be wide open. Being able to throw over your mark with a scoober can get the disc to your teammate quickly.


Unlike the hammer throw, scoobers are often favorable throws depending on the wind conditions. If there is a strong wind at your back, a scoober can be a softer way to release the Frisbee than a flick or backhand. The wind will gently guide the disc downwards, rather than pushing it towards the ground. While scoobers are favorable to throw with the wind at your back, they are very challenging when throwing into the wind.

Flex on your Opponents

Throwing a scoober when a backhand would work just as well is a special way to flex on your opponents. I can say happily that the one scoober I’ve thrown in my life was for a goal at a national level tournament!

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