The Best Ultimate Frisbee Bag

If you’ve ever been to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, you may have seen an athlete without a bag. You know, the athlete that has their cleats over their shoulder, their water bottle in one hand, jerseys in another, with socks dropped all the way back in the parking lot. Don’t be that athlete. Find out which Ultimate Frisbee bag is best for you.

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The Greatest Bag for Ultimate Frisbee

Patagonia Duffel Bag

Find the Ultimate Frisbee Bag Best for You

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The Best Ultimate Frisbee Bag

A good bag for Ultimate Frisbee is waterproof, spacious, and can carry everything you need comfortably. Check out the different bags below and find out one that works for you!

Greatest Ultimate Frisbee Bag

The Greatest Ultimate Bag is another high quality option. It is very durable and comfortable, similar to the Patagonia bag. The main difference, is the Greatest Bag is built specifically for Ultimate Frisbee players. It has space for everything – a cleats compartment, a place for your disc, even a cooler to keep snacks chilled! This option is a good one, especially if you plan on using the bag specifically for Ultimate Frisbee.

Patagonia Duffel Bag

The Patagonia Duffel bag is by far my favorite bag for Ultimate Frisbee. My reasoning behind this is simple: It’s the highest quality bag I’ve ever purchased. When I started playing Ultimate Frisbee, I used to shop for cheaper bags and try to save money. I saw so many players using the same bag year after year, that I decided to spend a little more, and buy a Patagonia Duffel Bag. It’s still a bag I use for Ultimate, and for all sorts of other trips. It’s durable, comfortable, water resistant, and very roomy for storage.

G4 Free Gym Bag

The G4 Free Gym Bag is a good budget option. It’s lightweight, and can be carried on your shoulders like an Ultimate Frisbee backpack or at your side like a traditional duffel bag. It comes in all sorts of colors, and has plenty of space for all of your Ultimate Frisbee gear. However, it is a step down in quality when compared to the Greatest and Patagonia bags.

A Five Gallon Bucket

No, this is not a joke. A five gallon bucket with a lid is one of the most effective bag replacements you can have for Ultimate Frisbee! Think about it – it’s the most waterproof of all the options so far, it’s the cheapest, and it will easily fit everything you need! Sure, it doesn’t have any fancy straps or compartments for jerseys, cleats, or discs. The five gallon bucket does have one thing none of the other bags have – it can serve as a seat!

Why Do I Need a Good Bag

There are many reasons why a good Ultimate Frisbee bag is important.


Good bags for Ultimate Frisbee are waterproof. As I’m sure you’re aware, Ultimate Frisbee can be played in most weather (I’ve played in snow, rain, hail, high wind, and wonderful sunny days). The last thing you want to worry about, as you’re chasing down a huck, is whether or not your stuff is dry in your bag on the sideline.


I’m sure you’ve felt the aches and pains after playing Ultimate Frisbee all day. Slipping a comfortable bag over your shoulders is a much nicer experience than carrying a heavy bag that digs into your skin!

Easy to Carry

The games you play in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament don’t all take place on the same field. You’ll be carrying all your gear from field to field throughout each day of the tournament. Owning a bag that’s easy to carry makes this experience much better. This becomes even more important if you have the opportunity to drive or fly to tournaments across your region or country!

Getting Ready for the Field

Once you have your bag, it’s time to fill it with the rest of your Ultimate Frisbee gear! Check out below to find what you need to fill your Ultimate Frisbee bag!