Best Sideline Bench and Sideline Chair

Anybody who has played in an Ultimate Frisbee game knows the value of a good sideline bench or sideline chair. Whether it’s the start of the day and you’re cleating up, you’ve just finished a tough point and need a rest, or you need to stretch your back (or even get a massage), there are a lot of good options for benches and chairs out there for you. In this article, I highlight the best sideline bench and sideline chairs for you, no matter what your needs are.

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Sideline Chairs and Sideline Benches for You

Best Value: Travel Chair Slacker

If you are looking for a sturdy chair you can sit on that folds up, this travel chair fits the bill. This chair’s tripod design is a bit stronger than other chairs I’ve seen, and it folds up to 30” in length. At the price point it’s currently at, I think this chair is the best value for it’s price.

Best Sideline Folding Chair (Portable): Sunriseland Portable Folding Camping Chair

As far as portable chairs go, this one is pretty lightweight and compact. What it loses in sturdiness, it gains in how small it gets when you fold it up! At 16.5 inches in length when stored, this chair can fit inside almost every single Ultimate Frisbee bag you could have. 

Now, a lot of folks (my partner included) like the Flexlite folding chair. I’m a bit taller with a bit bigger frame, and find it’s easy to fall off, and the Flexlite sits a bit too close to the ground for my comfort. However, if you are under 5’9” or so, the Flexlite may be better for you.

Best Sideline Tent Chair with Canopy: GCI Outdoor SunShade Chair with Canopy

While there are a lot of shade tent options for Frisbee out there, sometimes you need a bit of personal shade. This is a good option for the value you get. The chair is bigger and more sturdy compared to the other chairs so far, but it offers a canopy that can be adjusted to the angle of the sun. This chair won’t keep you entire body out of the heat, but it will give your eyes and face a rest after a long point.

Best Portable 4 Seat Chair Bench: Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Seater

While individual chairs are nice, sometimes you need a portable option for more teammates. This is a great 4 chair option at a good price point. If you have four friends that need to cleat up at the same time, or rest after a long point, this is a good option.

Best Folding Sideline Bench: Trademark Innovations Portable Sports Bench

If you are a coach, captain, or parent who wants teammates to be able to sit by one another on a portable sideline bench, this option is going to be your best value. This sideline bench seats 8 people, and is still able to be relatively portable. I would caution that often, long benches like this that fold can break more easily than others, so handle with care! But at the current price point, it’s great value for a season or two of sports.

Best Traditional Sideline Bench: Lifetime Portable Folding Bench

Sometimes you need a traditional sideline bench. Whether it’s needed as a soccer sideline bench, NFL sideline bench style, or Ultimate Frisbee sideline bench, this one will work. It is pretty sturdy, offers great value at its current price point, and the supporting legs even fold in. If you need a sideline bench, this one will work well.

Best Sideline Bench…wait this is a massage table!

I’m no expert, but I recently completed my first season of Master’s Ultimate Frisbee. For those of you that don’t know, Master’s Ultimate is reserved for women above 30, and men above 33. True to form, I threw out my back warming up for the national tournament. So, if you’re at all like me and need to warm up – or cool down – your muscles in style and comfort, a portable massage table like this can be a wonderful “sideline bench” for you and your teammates. Massage therapist not included.

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