Minnesota Strike Announce 2020 Roster

On Monday, the inaugural Minnesota Strike team announced their 2020 roster. The announcement came through the PUL Player Sponsorship Program on VC Ultimate’s website.

The full roster for the 2020 Minnesota Strike is listed below.

00 Alicia Carr

01 Emily Regan

02 Stephanie Perleberg

03 Makella Daley

04 Jenny Gaynor

05 Steph Rupp

07 Chip Chang

08 Greta Regan

09 Anna Hagstrom

10 Erin McCann

11 Rachel Gage

15 Shira Klane

16 Erica Baken

18 Ellie Sjordal

20 Claire Thallon

21 Sarah Mondschein

22 Kat Ritzman

24 Holly Denecour

25 Eva Maxson

33 Kayla Blanek

40 Amelia Cuarenta

44 Sarah Meckstroth

49 Rose Gruenhagen

55 Courtney Walbe

69 Jia Yue (Nicole) Sum

89 Bekah Swanson

93 Biz Cook

Sponsorship and the Season

The PUL Player Sponsorship Program is an opportunity for fans to sponsor the players and teams they follow within the Premiere Ultimate League. From the Premiere Ultimate League Website:

For this season, the league will be bringing back the popular “Sponsor a Player” jersey program, in partnership with VC Ultimate, that put 800 PUL jerseys on the backs of fans, raised over $11,000 per team and put in place a key building block program for the long range sustainability of the league.

Up to 4 sponsorships are available per player, and can be viewed from the VC Ultimate website here. However, you better hurry – as of the publishing of this article, only 6 sponsorships were remaining for Minnesota Strike Players.

The Minnesota Strike start their season on Saturday, April 11th in Texas, competing against the Austin Torch. The Strike’s first home game Saturday, May 2nd, competing against the Indy Red. The locations of home games has yet to be announced for the Minnesota Strike this year.

You can find out more about the Minnesota Strike at their website here.

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